Loving support for your childbearing journey.


Fertility Specialist

One-on-one and group support for your fertility journey

Birth Education

HypnoBirthing® 5 week series, Comfort & Connection, Pregnancy Relaxation, and more

One on One Support

Virtual birth doula support and maternity consultation services

Let the adventure begin . . .

Entering into parenthood comes with a lot of uncertainty, and perhaps even fear. The good news is that you already possess everything you need to navigate that journey - you just need empathic support and guidance to unlock it. You deserve to conceive, grow, and welcome your baby into the world in a more connected, gentle, and LOVING manner!

I am passionate about educating new parents and being there for every little question so each family can feel confident and connected. I offer classes, workshops, support groups, and one-on-one support services for fertility, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum periods.


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