Embarking on the journey to parenthood is full of unknowns. These classes will help prepare you with evidence based information, deeper connection with your partner, and relaxation to reduce stress and improve overall health.

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Price: $100 (3 hrs)

Comfort & connection

During this labor prep workshop, you and your birth partner will learn some basics about the hormones of labor and how it relates to pain, as well as valuable non-medical comfort measures to reduce pain such as:

  • The importance of calm breathing

  • Massage techniques

  • Using tools such as:

    • Rebozo, eye mask, heating pad, exercise ball

  • Labor positions

  • Aromatherapy

  • Hydrotherapy

  • Visualization

  • Verbal encouragement

  • Birth doula support

While learning all of this valuable information you’ll also get an opportunity to practice and put it all together in a mini birth rehearsal, connecting the three of you even deeper for the epic journey ahead. Workshop also includes beautiful labor positions printout, shopping list for your birth bag, and list of valuable local resources/healthcare providers.

Upcoming dates:

  • TBD

pregnancy relaxation

This monthly class is for pregnant people ONLY. Birth partners please stay home!

Enjoy an evening of luxurious relaxation and connection with your baby as well as other local pregnant parents. During this session we will gather together to sip tea, eat yummy snacks, discuss a new topic each meeting, do some breath work, and end with a deep relaxation session to fill you with joy and confidence for your upcoming birth and parenting journey. This is important YOU time, to slow down from your busy life and connect deeper to baby before you two meet on the outside.

According to research, the benefits of regular relaxation during pregnancy are profound:

  • “Relaxation had a positive impact on women's emotional state.

  • Pregnancy outcomes improved with fewer admissions to the hospital, fewer obstetric complications, longer gestation, reduction of caesarean sections, and fewer postpartum complications.

  • Fetal heart rate and fetal motor activity were reduced as a result of relaxation and therefore interpreted as improved result.

  • Higher-birth-weight and improved performance on the Neonatal Behavioral Assessment Scale was related to relaxation.

  • Relaxation training was associated with reductions in maternal physiological and endocrine measures. Relaxation during pregnancy is associated with salutogenic effects that include regulation of emotional states and physiology. Relaxation is also associated with positive effects both on fetal behavior and on obstetric and neonatal outcomes.”

Upcoming dates:

  • June 28th @ 6:30-8pm


Price: $40 (1.5 hrs)


Price: FREE (1 hr)


Feeling nervous about your upcoming birth? Not sure what, if any, childbirth education class is the right fit for you? This information session will explain everything you need to know about HypnoBirthing and how to have an amazing birth experience. Bring your partner and all your questions! Whether you end up choosing to book a HypnoBirthing group series, you will walk away with valuable skills to feel more at ease about your upcoming birth.

We will cover:

  • Brief overview of the history of birth and current maternity care system

  • How fear affects the birthing process

  • How HypnoBirthing can help anyone achieve their personal birth goals

  • How breathing, affirmations, visualizations, and relaxation techniques can make for a more AMAZING birth experience

  • Practice session using breathing and progressive relaxation

All attendees receive a gift bag of samples to take home, raffle prize, $25 off a HypnoBirthing class series when booked within 48 hours!

Registration is required. This workshop is NOT a replacement for a childbirth education class.

Upcoming dates:

  • June 30th @ 1-2pm

The Fourth Trimester - Postpartum Planning

You’ve taken your birth class, written your birth plan, and are maybe even feeling confident about how baby will enter the world. But what about the 3 months following this blessed event? The Fourth Trimester is an extremely pivotal time in a birthing parent’s life that has lifelong effects on your physical health and emotional wellbeing. Prioritizing your healing and making a solid plan for after delivery is just as important as planning for your baby’s birth. This workshop is meant to be taken in your 3rd trimester of pregnancy, preferably after childbirth education, but we welcome Newborn parents with babies in arms as well. In this workshop we will address:

  • Why a “lying in” period is crucial for healing

  • Handling visitors and family members

  • Nourishing foods that promote wellness and healing

  • Mental health: PPD, PPA, etc

  • Processing your birth story

  • Getting support: lactation professionals, postpartum doulas

  • Maternity/Paternity leave

  • Writing a postpartum plan

All attendees will receive a postpartum planning worksheet and handout with trusted postpartum professional referrals.


PRICE: $100 (3 hrs)